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22 February 2011 @ 11:09 pm
I have decided: we are going to rebuild--or rather, continue---the empire of Wasp here.  And kill every last Gray in the process.

New Wasp soldiers have coincidentally arrived, as well as a few females for reproduction, which is what brought me to this decision; it is almost like a literally otherworldly sign from Her Majesty, giving us the tools we need to continue the empire in Her name.  I chose to hold a secret meeting with said soldiers today instead of digging holes.  Perhaps I will be punished for it, but I am prepared for the consequences.

I would much appreciate it if you would help me with this endeavor.  When all is done, we can feast on delicious Honey together, and I may even give you a h.....hhh....

If not here, then the next world, though I would like to at least take out a few Grays before we go.

I am normally not one to request the help of a mere human, but I've found that you would make a fine assistant, as you have unparalleled loyalty in many situations, in addition to being a sturdy warrior who has successfully assisted with overthrowing a pirate's ship at the very least.  I hear you have joined to become a spy for the enemy, but I believe you could use that as a lie to our advantage instead.  Yes, that is what you should do, get the information we need for a proper massacre, and leave it to me.

Incidentally, the black-and-yellow Wasp uniform would look much cuter on you than the disgusting monochrome Gray one.
But if you tell anyone I used the word "cute" with reference to a human I will.........angrily sting you.

What do you say?
27 November 2010 @ 01:45 am
The good thing about cleaning up poop while everyone else is doing their own, less-demanding work is that I get done really fast 'cause it's super unpleasant! And so I used some of that time to EXPLORE THE SHIP and meet some of the people that inhabit it! I thought I'd do a quick little introduction of the people I've met, just so you guys know who's who on this boat. :o  No need to thank me, I just like hugs! :DD EGRET THAT MEANS YOU! okay no sorry...I probably stink anyways.

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31 October 2010 @ 06:57 pm
W...what's going on? Are any of you guys out there somewhere?

Reina and I woke up in some kind of....honeycomb mine...or something... and then this guy who was harvesting honey caught Reina in a net and took us to the factory where he works.  He had to get back to work, so all he did was open up the weird windmill, take us to a back room, throw us in it, and leave... after locking the door!  Luckily, there's a computer in here.....

Where is everyone? What's happening?
09 October 2010 @ 11:24 pm
Gather round, all ye weak-hearted fools....how greatly you suffer.

This is a thread of Love, Sex, And All The Emotions That Come With It.

If there is something on your mind related to your romantic or sexual life at all, please, don't hesitate to let it all out right here.  Satan is always listening. Are you upset? Do you want to cry? Are you angry? Do you want to scream? Or, conversely, are you bursting with joy? Do you want to jump up and down and squeal? This is the place to do it. Show me your most private thoughts.

Or, if you'd like to have sex with me, we can arrange that as well, I'm sure.

Ready..... go!
28 September 2010 @ 12:08 am

"i would kill you."

"i would physically or emotionally hurt you."

"i would like to get to know you better."

"i would spend time/have fun/be friends with you."

"i would rescue you/fight by your side."

"i would hug you or hold your hand."

"i would kiss you."

"i would date you."

"i would have sex with you."

"i would fall in love with you."

20 August 2010 @ 06:17 pm
Pikachu, Electric type.
Charizard, Fire type.
Blastoise, Water type.
Venusaur, Grass type.


Aipom, Normal type.
Typhlosion, Fire type.
Sudowoodo, Rock type.
Sunflora, Grass type.
Politoed, Water type.
Togepi, Normal type.

Sneasel, Dark type.
Golbat, Flying/Poison type.
Magneton, Electric/Steel type.
Alakazam, Psychic type.
Gengar, Ghost type.
Feraligatr, Water type.

Tropius, Grass/Flying type.
Ludicolo, Grass/Water type.
Slugma, Fire type.
Swampert, Water/Ground type.

Chimchar, Fire type.
Kadabra, Psychic type.
Clefairy, Normal type

Torterra, Grass/Ground type.
Staraptor, Flying/Normal type.
Rapidash, Fire type.
Floatzel, Water type.
Heracross, Bug/Fighting type.
Snorlax, Normal type.
09 July 2010 @ 10:19 pm
From now until the end of the Voltage invasion, I will be known as Commander Hotel 0925.

Vice-Commander November and I had a serious discussion regarding what we should do about all this and decided that, with my experience against the Voltage, switching roles would be the best option. I will be going back to my position as the Vice-Commander when the war ends. I might even leave the planet ( I know a few of you who want t get rid of me, after all ). 

Yeah, a lot of you are going to be horribly upset. But you know what? Deal with it in a positive way. Work hard to end the war so that I can step down sooner.

I think that's all I have to say. Discuss and have a nice day.

-- Commander Hotel 0925
July 9th 2071
09 July 2010 @ 11:35 am
a master list of master proportions

Ants | a species that evolved from ants | history
Bees | all the bees on earth are actually from the planet bees | history
Crane Flies | all the crane flies on earth are actually from the planet crane fly | history
Cricket | a species evolved from crickets | history
House Flies | a species evolved from flies | history
Human | a species that evolved from 
Jellyfish | all the jellyfish on earth are actually from the planet jellyfish | history
Keronian | . . . | history
Leech | a species that evolved from leeches | history
Mosquitoes | all the mosquitoes on earth are actually from the planet mosquito | history
Praying Mantises | a species that evolved from praying mantises | history
Scorpions | all scorpions are actually aliens that come from scorpion | history
Shark | a species that evolved from sharks | history
Shift  | . . . | history
Slug | a species that evolved from slugs | history
Voltage | their bodies are made of electromagnetic wavelengths | history
Wasps | wasps are actually aliens from wasp | history
Water Skitter | all the water skitters on earth actually come from the planet water skitter | history
08 July 2010 @ 02:32 pm
It seems that our planet has been deemed a safe haven to species in the Galaxy that primarily homes humanoid insects. Several of the aliens that have arrived are the Bees, Mosquitoes, Praying Mantises, Ants, and the Crane Flies. I expect that there will be even more arriving within the next few days. It seems that we have no choice but the open our borders to them because we can't risk the slaughter of our guards by the more vicious of the incoming species. There are several things that we should all keep in mind when interacting with our new found allies. Unlike Sharks and Jellyfish, they're pretty impersonal and even lack their own names.

1. Mosquitoes. They bite. Don't be alarmed because they're generally harmless. It's sort of...their way of greeting you.  They often have a hard time speaking to you before they bite you because they're too busy thinking about what your blood might taste like. It's like they're distracted or something.  The bites do not hurt.

2. Bees. Bees are soft. They are sweet and very social. They're incredibly docile; however, they will sting you when threatened so please do not provoke them. They will die if they use their stinger.

3. Ants. They live underground and generally mind their own business. But be aware that they will kill you if you impose on their territory. There are red ants and black ants.

4. Crane Flies.  They always behave as if they are very drunk. They're incredibly harmless and will mostly just run into things. Don't mind them.

5. !!!IMPORTANT!!! Praying Mantises. A species of mostly females. After mating, they murder their partner by removing their head. There is no exception to this rule. Please do not have sex with a Praying Mantis despite how beautiful they are and how much they may try to convince you.

6. Leech. There is a leech that is wandering the planet. He bites for a really long time and sucks your blood. However, he asks. He might not respect your response, but it's worth a try saying no. The wound he leaves will not heal very well and so you should get medical attention as soon as you can.

7 Cricket & Water Skeeter. A married couple. Very sweet and harmless.

8. House Flies. They spit on things before they eat. They also excessively feel people. I don't know about them very much but they seem friendly enough. 

9. Slug. Very slow, very harmless.

10. Scorpions.

I'll update this list as we get more visitors.

-- Vice-Commander in Chief, Hotel 0925 
July 8th 2071
07 July 2010 @ 02:41 pm
It makes me proud to see that all of us are able to put our differences aside for the fight against the Voltage threat. The Voltage is an enemy that is both horrifying and powerful, but I know that together we can defeat them. I've fought them before, and honestly, they're not as scary as they seem. But they are as dangerous, so we must all be aware of what they can do.

Possession is their most used ability next to invisibility. I'm unsure as to how their possession works exactly, but you must all be aware that it is possible that the people you trust may not be who they say they are. You're going to have to use your best judgment on this one as nobody can really help you. If you suspect somebody has been possessed, restrain them and stay away from them. Contact myself or the Commander and we will deal with it accordingly.

Do not kill the host unless you feel you have absolutely no choice. Killing the host will effectively kill the Voltage that's inside them, but it will also kill the person they've possessed. Your friend will be dead too.

Their invisibility is not true invisibility, however. The Voltage body consists of light. They only look invisible to the naked eye because they're able to change what type of wave their light is made up of and if you come to a situation where you're fighting them, they will change their waves whenever they take damage. We've developed something very useful to combat this. So please don't worry. Contacts that make their waves visible will be given to you.

When the war officially begins, there will most likely be two sure signs. Rocks falling from the sky and absolute darkness at night. The Voltage have the ability to somehow stop all forms of electricity and light-creating substances from having any use whatsoever. Fire will no longer work. I have a theory on how to counter this, but it hasn't been tested yet. If it works, you'll know. If it doesn't work, nothing will happen.

Sex is another way that they're spreading. I'm not saying DON'T HAVE SEX but I am advising against it until you're sure that your mate is of Shark, Human, Jellyfish or Ant origin. Be safe. Maybe use a condom.

As for attacks, the only one I know of is an attack that doesn't injure you right away. The Voltage are very patient and any wound they inflict on you might take anywhere from years to seconds to hurt you. They use their sharp...claws? to cut into you. It hurts. But you might be okay.

The only way to beat the Voltage is through dedicated teamwork. Yes, it's true that people around you might be Voltage, but you can't let that stop you. If you'd like to fight them on your own, good riddance to you because you will surely die. You might be the reason we all die. Loners, I hope you're okay with that on your shoulders.

Even though we are ultimately fighting for our own survival, we are allies with the rest of the universe. The whole universe is in danger. Earth, Keron, Shade and Jellyfish are our immediate allies and we will be exchanging information between us until it becomes impossible to do so. I hope that the Ants will also join us because the Voltage were the ones who caused them to lose their home. You're welcome here until things are okay again.

Keep in mind that you cannot leave the planet. The rule was already in motion because of Egret, but now it is even more so. If you need to leave, you need special permission from myself or Commander November. In any case, we're the best off planet right now as it is so I don't know why you'd want to leave.

Speaking of criminals, all criminals are to be placed at low priority until the war is over. The Voltage need to be the highest priority and we don't need criminal distractions. But don't assume this means you can get away with murder. I will personally fuck you up if you think you're being cute by starting trouble. So, I should hope that nobody feels like this is the right time to do stupid damage, because that stupid damage could be the reason everybody else dies. I'm looking at you, terrorists. Do your damages when the planet is surely safe. And don't be eating your own kind either. I'm looking at you, Egret, there's no telling if cannibalism will spread the Voltage around. Use common sense, please.

Known Voltage:
General Sierra (prison, wanted alive)
Astrid (location unknown, wanted dead)

If you know of any other Voltage, please be sure to tell us. We're working on a way to make it easy to tell between them, but it's all theory right now.

I trust we'll be victorious. I believe in us.

Vice-Commander in Chief, Hotel 0925
July 7th, 2071