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22 February 2011 @ 11:09 pm
-WASP CAPTAIN private to REINA-  
I have decided: we are going to rebuild--or rather, continue---the empire of Wasp here.  And kill every last Gray in the process.

New Wasp soldiers have coincidentally arrived, as well as a few females for reproduction, which is what brought me to this decision; it is almost like a literally otherworldly sign from Her Majesty, giving us the tools we need to continue the empire in Her name.  I chose to hold a secret meeting with said soldiers today instead of digging holes.  Perhaps I will be punished for it, but I am prepared for the consequences.

I would much appreciate it if you would help me with this endeavor.  When all is done, we can feast on delicious Honey together, and I may even give you a h.....hhh....

If not here, then the next world, though I would like to at least take out a few Grays before we go.

I am normally not one to request the help of a mere human, but I've found that you would make a fine assistant, as you have unparalleled loyalty in many situations, in addition to being a sturdy warrior who has successfully assisted with overthrowing a pirate's ship at the very least.  I hear you have joined to become a spy for the enemy, but I believe you could use that as a lie to our advantage instead.  Yes, that is what you should do, get the information we need for a proper massacre, and leave it to me.

Incidentally, the black-and-yellow Wasp uniform would look much cuter on you than the disgusting monochrome Gray one.
But if you tell anyone I used the word "cute" with reference to a human I will.........angrily sting you.

What do you say?