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27 November 2010 @ 01:45 am
The good thing about cleaning up poop while everyone else is doing their own, less-demanding work is that I get done really fast 'cause it's super unpleasant! And so I used some of that time to EXPLORE THE SHIP and meet some of the people that inhabit it! I thought I'd do a quick little introduction of the people I've met, just so you guys know who's who on this boat. :o  No need to thank me, I just like hugs! :DD EGRET THAT MEANS YOU! okay no sorry...I probably stink anyways.

1:  So first of all, there's the captain! Everyone's met him and so far, he seems nice.  His name is Captain Oridello.  Y'know, I still feel like he's untrustworthy if he's the captain of a pirate ship, but for some reason he just feels so harmless in comparison to, well, the OTHER types of people that could have been the captain of a pirate ship, y'know? For now though, he seems to be taking pretty good care of us, despite the fact that we're hostages and all..... look, I even have internet! Who KNOWS how that works!

But I've noticed that the captain also seems to be very.....egocentric.  I catch him winking at himself in the mirrors sometimes, and he brushes his teeth almost obsessively to keep them nice and white and perfect.  That's good, I guess! Pirates shouldn't have plaque. :)  But I wonder if maybe he's very insecure with himself or something...

Anyways, moving on.

2:  The next person I always run into when around the captain's quarters is the CAPTAIN'S HENCHMAN, Cargo! Maybe I shouldn't call him a henchman, that's kinda mean, but..... I can't really see any better word for it, except maybe....worse words..like..."goon"... :( I hope people don't see me as Egret's henchman........ no way! There's a difference between an apprentice and a henchman, and I am clearly an apprentice, while Cargo is clearly....a...henchman. Yes.

I'm so eloquent! :o

Ummmm.... so this Cargo guy, he's always patrolling, as if he's some kind of cop or something, and then he gives me these dirty looks, even when I don't know what I'm doing wrong, which is always. :(  He seems like someone who is very easily angered.  I've noticed his relationships with the other crew members don't seem to be the best either..... aww, maybe he has no friends. 

Maybe I should be his friend! That's what Storks do, right? And I feel obligated somehow because he's handicapped! But.... he doesn't seem to want anything to do with me.

3:  The next person I met that I don't think anyone else has met yet is Sickle, the nurse! I think I could easily become friends with her, she's really bubbly and friendly and very un-pirate-like as a whole.  I'm pretty sure she's not the wench, so I guess there's two women here after all?  I haven't met the wench yet, sounds kinda scary, since it rhymes with wrench and all.

Sickle is someone I feel like I want to talk to more.  She seems to be a new addition to the ship, but she's somehow the most helpful and knowledgeable, so if you have any questions, just ask her!

She's also reeeeally cute. :'D But I won't say anything else cuz I'd rather if Reina didn't kill her off.

4:  Next is Mr. Fritz, one of the first people we met on this boat.  He's..... well.  I think he's nice, and Reina just doesn't understand his humor! He seems like an okay guy, just really.... blunt.  To the point of rudeness.  He also seems to always have the same I-don't-give-a-shit look on his face (whoops, I swore, sorry!) that makes him rather unapproachable at..all times...but Captain Oridello says he makes a REALLY good lookout, so I'll believe him!

I have really good Storky predicting powers and I can already tell that Reina and him are gonna become friends. :) ....my Storky predicting powers also tell me that my own attempts to befriend him will fail completely. But I won't let my random clairvoyance bother me too badly today.

5:  The other guy we all met rather briefly was the Cook!  He feels like the COMPLETE opposite of Fritz, just cuz Fritz is so calm, and the Cook is so.....frantic.  I feel bad for him, he seems like he gets scared really easily!  But the most interesting thing of all is that nobody on the ship appears to know his name, so they just refer to him as "Cook".

Isn't that a little sad? I hope they learn my name! I don't want to be reduced to "the Pooper Scooper" or something..... I'll make sure to tell them my name frequently so they don't forget.  Maybe that's all it takes.

Anyways, Reina bit the Cook last time, and sucked his blood, and that's pretty darn scary of her!  But the Cook didn't turn into a vampire so I guess it's okay...

6:  We also met someone who apparently goes by "Mute".  Which just sounds to me like a horribly insultive nickname! But when I tried to ask him what his real name was, he didn't answer. What an antisocial pers--....OH. WAIT. Wait!! 

He didn't respond because he's MUTE! Wow! I just got it! Haha!

Anyways, Mute and I have already had some bonding time.  I hung out with him a little bit and he lent me.....some magazines...//////  D:  He's kind of a pervert, and keeps doing some kind of weird sign language thing with a little snickering laugh to try and laugh about some sexual thing with me, presumably about Reina since she's the new girl here, but I never really get the joke.  He sure seems a lot different than that Thyme guy was, but I guess I shouldn't assume that all mutes are the same. :x

My question though...is...WHY can he not talk if he can laugh?! Clearly his voice is capable of coming out of his mouth! Can he just not move his mouth properly? How does his muteness work?! Is laughing different?

7:  There's one guy that they call Albacore, he's the deepsea looter or something.  He's not around right now cuz I think he's underneath the boat, searching around for treasure or something..... he's like the only one doing piratey things, I swear!  But anyways I don't know anything about his personality, all I know is that in the photos he's consistently wearing his diver's helmet like he's some kind of monster from Bioshock or something.

But isn't it kinda cute that they have photos? They must be a really close-knit crew!  Makes me want family photos of us Birds. :)

8:  There are two main assassins on board, and they're almost always together! Jack and Jones. I think their names sound really piratey, haha.  One of them told me that they're the ones who "do all the hard work".  I think these are the guys who do the stuff that makes me afraid of pirates to begin with....D8  But, er, I won't judge just yet.  They seem like really cool guys, like literally cool guys, like, as in, the opposite of Storky guys. :D; Always smoking cigarettes and leaning on stuff and looking cool. :< HOW COME I CAN'T BE COOL?!  When I try to lean on things I just fall over, and when I try to smoke I just cough a bunch.

Anyways, Jack fights with a sword, and Jones with a gun! They're supposedly an unstoppable team.  I hope they don't kill me.

9:  Finally, there's the navigator, Shooter.  I don't really get why his name is Shooter if he's the navigator.  Navigators just navigate, right?  He's really reckless and loud though, and it feels like they stuck him in the navigator position just cuz he'd be too much of a pain as anything else, haha.  Kind of reminds me of that Higeki guy.... rather daft, but very passionate. 

He also has an assistant, the map-writer guy, Xes, who seems a little bit too young to be working on a pirate ship and engaging in all this search-for-booty business, but you know how that is.  There's always that kid who wants to be a pirate when they grow up, and I don't blame them, despite the fact that I find them scary.  I'm more worried that Shooter's gonna accidentally take off Xes's head somehow because he's so clumsy. :(

--wait, Xes?!  Where have I heard that name again?!  I swear I know a Xes!!

Well anyway, there's a few other generic shiphands too but I dunno them yet, as well some guys who help out the Cook in the kitchen.  They seem to have established quite the crew for themselves here; it feels like a mini-company filled with like...employees...!

But...um..that's pretty much it!  Hope you enjoyed my report! 
Super Fighting Robot VAVA: MUHYO & ROOJII--le gaspvavarazzi on November 26th, 2010 05:21 pm (UTC)
Oh, wow, you're alive too, great! Maybe we can all reunite somehow! Just.... don't get digested, okay?!
Super Fighting Robot VAVA: SOUTH PARK--kennyvavarazzi on November 26th, 2010 05:21 pm (UTC)
It's very moist in here.
Super Fighting Robot VAVA: EARTHBOUND--are you retardedvavarazzi on November 26th, 2010 05:22 pm (UTC)
Why haven't I killed you yet...
Super Fighting Robot VAVA: LOONEY TUNES--en gardevavarazzi on November 26th, 2010 05:24 pm (UTC)
Don't be counterproductive, Mister...uh...what's your name...uh...Mister Bug Dude!